Shalom Osahon Izebhor
i Love pretty things; outfits, people, lifestyle, and digital products. I work every day to perfect my craft in design & web development and live the good life the best way I can.
I've worked on products in different sectors like healthcare, health insurance, finance, social networks, CRMs, data migration tools, and open to working on new exciting projects. To consistently improve my skills, I have a learning roadmap for the next skills I'll be picking up in the coming months. Improving storytelling on web and film, WebGL, and creating Digital art & AR development. 
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Certified Webflow Expert
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Maurice Iwunze
CEO / co-founder @ SympliFi

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to secure Shalom's services. He has been essential in helping us with everything design related. Extremely professional, easy to work with and always over delivers. We started with just one project, but have now used him to help us build our new website and redesign our mobile App.

Chibuzo Okolo

Working with Shalom was nice, smooth and professional as he actually owned the project, started out with a design plan and kept everyone involved in the loop every step of the way. He is convinced about the design decisions he makes, and sees the need to explain things. He accepts criticisms without getting personal and offers professional advice when needed. We consider him highly recommendable and will gladly work with him again.

Ayodeji Abimbola

So I had a client who was looking to build a payment solution. My client had the idea (and a bit of what the business model should be), I knew of what technology to use, but these were not enough to build a good product.
Shalom brought his experience of product design to the table, gave consideration to details my client and I had not considered, Shalom spoke to us about the tone we want the product to carry, we had discussions on user experience which helped us expose new value chain to deliver to the end-users.
I was amazed by his work ethics as well, he brought structure to how he hands deliverables over, which was key in putting the whole project in good shape.

Moses Igbuku

He makes you believe there is always an improvement to even the best workflow. Working with him has helped me improve my thought process on how software should be architected. I mean its always about your users. I’ve worked with him on several projects some of which are mine personally.
And I can say some of his most admirable work ethics are

  1. High aptitude for thinking out of the box.
  2. Refreshing perspective
  3. Spotless attention to detail
  4. Admirable ability to knit constructive feedback into productive improvements

Whenever I need core design questions answered his opinion is one of my most sought after.

Annie Nguyen
Project lead - Advisable Guild

I am absolutely delighted to have the chance to work with Shalom in designing various materials for our company. Shalom is hard-working, creative, approachable, proactive and strategic when supporting our project. His works often exceed my expectation. I am always excited when receiving Shalom’s designs. Even Shalom works with us as a freelancer but he is always considered as an important part of Advisable team!

Big fan of  
“The office ”
Big fan of  
“The office ”
Love playing C.O.D mobile
Love playing C.O.D mobile
Indie pop, Rap, R&B, afro music
Indie pop, Rap, R&B, afro music
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Outside of work, I seize every opportunity to create and tell good stories about exciting moments in my life. Instead of working hard to build “ a happy & satisfied life” later, I try to live my life as a collage of multiple happy moments. So less of a novel with a happy ending, more of a book of happy poems